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Events in Cortona and surroundings


Theatre Season 2012-2013

Very rich is the theatrical season of the Teatro Signorelli, which includes high-quality performances staged throughout Italy by famous national artists. From November to April the representations will be divided into two rounds: green and yellow. See the complete program


Foiano Carnival - Foiano della Chiana

Today Carnival of Foiano della Chiana, the oldest Italian joint with the 474esima edition 2013, is considered among the most important events of its kind in Italy, both for the spectacular choreography and for its historical tradition. Four large floats in competition, belonging to the yards of Blue, Balloon, Nighthawks and Rustici, parading in front of a jury of art experts nationwide. Wagons mammoth manufactured by true masters of papier-mâché and technical mechanics. Visit the web site


Festival Ciambellino - Rigomagno (SI)

A 716 years since the founding of Rigomagno we celebrate the "Festival of knot-shaped biscuit." In the last weekend of March initiatives are planned for the knowledge and the real taste of Rigomagno knot-shaped biscuit and many other tasty initiatives. Visit the web site


Cronoscalata for historic cars Camucia Cortona

Between Cortona and Camucia held a sprint uphill reserved for cars. On Saturday, we held the qualifications, while the actual race takes place in two rounds on Sunday. The winners are rewarded in the rooms of the City Council.


Serremaggio - Serre di Rapolano

A beautifully recreated atmosphere, thanks to the structure of the ancient village of Serre di Rapolano, which lends itself beautifully for a dive in the Middle Ages, with jesters, knights, ladies, merchants, craftsmen and innkeepers in historical costume that will serve you wine and traditional dishes , for a journey through time only. From 11 to 19 May 2013. Visit the web site

Medieval Festival - Castiglion Fiorentino

The Banquet, now in its tenth edition, is held every 4th Saturday of May in the May Castiglionese in which the Terzieri propose initiatives and cultural meeting place for the weekend of spring. Visit the web site
The Medieval Festival is a blue-white stage coveted by the most skilled artists in the industry, the quality of the products offered, the care taken in the reconstruction of the taverns and in any case the whole environment, including the costumes of the "set-operating.". Visit the web site


Joust Cortona

The carousel dell'Archidado has its origins in the Middle Ages and was officially established in 1397 to celebrate the marriage of Francesco Casali, lord of Cortona, and Antonia Salimbeni, Sienese noblewoman. Every year in the city of Cortona is commemorated this historic event on the first Sunday of June, reliving the ancient medieval splendor. Festively decorated streets, finely crafted costumes, ladies, knights, flag throwers, archers, armed, pages and civil and religious authorities of the time they go to animate a downtown already rich in history and art treasures of all time.

Snail Festival - Fossa del Lupo di Cortona

In the small town of Fossa del Lupo, at the foot of Cortona, the Sporting Group Juventina organized in June, 1984 the famous "Festival of the Snail" for all lovers of the snail dishes and local products. The program also shows, dancing, cycling in the countryside of Cortona, trump tournaments and much more.

Festival of Pastasciutta - Fratta di Cortona

Since 1997 in the month of June is held the "Festival of pasta" in Fratta, near the Church of St. Agatha, where many housewives Cortona offering specialties such as gnocchi, pici and handmade noodles served with various sauces of meat.


Festival of Pigeon - Montecchio di Cortona

At the turn of July and August since 1974, in Montecchio, 6 km from Cortona, is organized the "Festival of Pigeon," which offers typical local dishes and only for a few nights delicious recipes of traditional peasant-based pigeon. All accompanied by good music, games and shows.

Cortona Mix Festival

From Saturday, July 27 to Sunday, August 4, with a preview on July 26, Cortona is transformed into an experimental laboratory for the second edition of the Festival. One, a hundred, a thousand paths intersect, intertwine and grow in the streets, squares and theaters of Cortona - with concerts, plays, performances, dialogues, presentations with Italian and international guests in which music and literature, cinema and theater, dance and dJ sets, journalism and non-fiction, food, wine and company are the protagonists of a scenic cross, built on the comparison, the curiosity, the balance between reflection and entertainment. Visit the web site

Wild Boar Festival - Pergo di Cortona

During the month of July, in the sports field of the peaceful village of Pergo at the foot of Cortona, you can participate in the "Festival of the boar", an unmissable event for all lovers of the game.

Sacred Music Festival Cortona

The Festival of Sacred Music in Cortona is held every year since 2004 in the month of July and is organized by the Christian Cortona following an ideal of fusion between art, music, culture and religion. Visit the web site

Umbria Jazz - Perugia

Umbria Jazz music at 360 ° is one of the most important jazz festival held every year in Perugia the best of the jazz world. 250 musical events in 10 days distributed in squares, parks, arenas and theaters in the historic center of Perugia from noon to night, indoors and outdoors, all surrounded by good food in the restaurants used for the event in the most evocative one of the most beautiful cities of Italy. A Umbria Jazz listening to jazz music, black music, soul, Latin and samba rhythms, perform the greatest artists of the genre, both Italian and foreign. Visit the web site


Glasses under the stars Cortona

To celebrate in joy the night of the shooting stars of San Lorenzo, August 10 of each year in Cortona is organized the event "Goblets under the stars", which includes tastings of fine wines from the finest local producers.

Steak Festival Cortona

It is the most important gastronomic event of the summer of Cortona, which is held every year at the Parterre gardens in Cortona on 14 and 15 August, to celebrate Ferragosto. In a giant 14-meter wire rack over hot coals are prepared softwood succulent T-bone steaks, Chianina and rigorously cooked in blood, according to an old Tuscan tradition. These delicious steaks are accompanied by excellent wine Chianti DOC each year to meet the palates of an increasingly sophisticated and numerous. The Rite of steak also promotes the dissemination and sale of local products and Tuscan thanks to numerous food stalls.

Porcini Mushroom Festival Cortona

The "Porcini Mushroom Festival" is held every year on the weekend following the steak festival at the gardens of the Parterre in Cortona. It is another gastronomic event not to be missed where you can enjoy delicious dishes of mushrooms collected in the mountains of Cortona area. The local cuisine of Cortona in fact has many recipes for tasty appetizers, first courses, main courses and side dishes to accompany mushrooms strictly with the excellent local wine.


Exhibition of antique furniture Cortona

Every year, between August and September, 1963 Cortona has the pleasure of hosting Cortonantiquaria, National Exhibition of antique furniture. Venue of the exhibition are the beautiful eighteenth century rooms of Palazzo Vagnotti, one of the best preserved of the town, which captures all the charm of stories, styles and tastes.

Autumn Festival - Fratta di Cortona

In the month of September you can participate in the "Autumn Festival", which is organized every year in Fratta, near the Church of St. Agatha. Each evening offers a menu of typical different to discover authentic traditional country dishes.


Feast of the farm wagon - Fratticciola di Cortona

Since 1976, every year in October, the Association organizes the Chariot through the streets of Fratticciola, 10 km from Cortona, the "Festa del Carro Agricultural" to rediscover traditions and find scents and flavors of the past. This festival is based on local produce in season, such as grapes, olives and chestnuts to celebrate the arrival of autumn. Among the various events, remember parades in period costumes, photographic exhibitions and agricultural tools, games of the past to hear a return to basics. Visit the web site

Chestnut Festival

Teverina of Cortona: Every year in the month of October in Teverina resort in the mountains of Cortona, there is the traditional "Chestnut Festival", where you can enjoy delicious dishes based on chestnuts from the local woods.

Market town of Cortona: At the beginning of October, in the splendid setting of the Marsili, is organized "Chestnut Festival". Addition to culinary delights, the Friends Valdipierle offer dancing and live music.


QuintoQuarto and surroundings - Castelnuovo Berardenga

In the Chianti region, famous for its cuisine and wine production, the first two weeks of November, there is the particular initiative "Fifth Quarter, the rediscovery of the flavors and the aromas of traditional cuisine." This wonderful culinary festival involving more than fifty restaurants distributed on the common chianti participants, ready to offer promotional prices menu offering traditional recipes rarely available at other times of the year.


Festival of fried Ciaccia - S.Pietro a Cegliolo Cortona

In San Pietro a Cegliolo, in the square outside the church, takes place every year on the 8th day of December, "Festival of ciaccia fried", a traditional bread dough fried in oil and salted again and along with new wine.